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The world's fishing trade is showing a thriving sc

Chinese Fish'2005, which was held in Beijing, China at the beginning of the New Year, is a prosperous scene of fishing gear around the world. The world's fishing gear companies are favored in China's fishing gear manufacturing and are increasingly close ties with China. From the 2005 China International Fishing Tackle News: The show was a complete success, the participants of the exhibitors and traders are more than in previous years. China International Fishing Tackle on the basis of last year, the expansion of the exhibition hall, but also added a booth, the rapid development of the exhibition. Many traders around the world feel that this gear can not be ignored. On the first day of the show, traders from more than 60 countries and regions will be packed with four signatories, mostly from Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan, Russia. Fishing rods in the traders of the purchase orders, among the first to attend the show there are usually less common in several countries: Argentina, Hungary, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. According to the organizers, about 21 traders participated in the exhibition during the period from 21 to 23 February. Among them, the number of pre-registered 696, on the basis of last year increased by 40%, and another 200 traders were on-site registration, in addition, China's exhibitors invited 200 traders to participate in the exhibition. The expanded pavilion can accommodate 863 stalls, which belong to 274 exhibitors from different countries. In the fishing industry enjoyed a very high reputation of several companies, such as Japan's SHIMANO, France's VMC and Norway's MUSTAD and China's largest fishing gear manufacturers to establish a number of links. Nearly one-third of the exhibitors are participating for the first time. By encouraging more and more companies to use China's existing resources, China's fishing gear exhibition hopes to continue with the international enterprises to establish such cooperation. The idea is easy to understand that European and American fishing gear companies in the research and development of fishing gear can provide a strong technology and continue to conceive new equipment and research and development of fishing gear materials. At the same time, Chinese fishing gear manufacturers have many experienced workers and cheap labor costs. The goal of China's fishing gear is to combine the two together to develop the world trade in fishing gear. Of course, this year's show, we recognized very popular. As a result, 84% of the 2006 stalls have been booked by 205 fishing gear companies.

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