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World fishing gear - semi-"Weihai made" the main p

China 's first electronic number fishing line wheel

In order to meet the fishing industry event, Weihai Langbao fishing gear Co., Ltd. booked four booths, launched the main brand Olympus. In the company's exhibition hall, more than 50 kinds of different shapes, complete specifications of the fishing wheel, more than 40 different grades of fishing rods, colorful all kinds of bait, on behalf of the wave treasure fishing gear in recent years the latest research and development The new results.

Lang Bao Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. is the main product of fishing line wheel, the highlights of the exhibition products are also concentrated in the fishing wheel. Have seen the length of the fishing line length of the fishing wheel? Fishing wheel has an electronic watch on the instrument, you can accurately control the length of the line to release the appropriate fishing line. Know the fish concentrated in the deep river, release the corresponding length can be "convenient fishing."

Lang Bao Chairman Wang Xiren explained that in the same place, as long as a good find the depth of fishing, release the appropriate length of the fishing line, it is easy to catch fish. Compared to other fishing lines that control the length of the fishing line, the electronic number of the fishing wheel is more accurate. From the 2008 R & D to 2009 results, 18 members of the professional R & D team created China's first electronic digital fishing line wheel, so far is the only one.

Now 90% of the products are out of the country

From the beginning of the staggering in 1982, the 1990s into the golden period, to play their own brand in 2009, Langbao fishing gear limited company's development model is Weihai fishing industry in miniature. Wang Xiren said that the beginning of 1982, Japan, "Weihai output of primary technology to produce fishing gear", the main reason is "Weihai relatively low labor, to produce cheap fishing gear." Wang Xiren still retains the production of "antique" fishing wheel DF-102R. "This is the most elementary product, in the Japanese fishing gear shop are placed in a large basket of casual selection, not what fine fishing gear.

From the year, including wave Po fishing gear company's predecessor enterprises, including two fishing gear manufacturers, to now Weihai more than 1,000, less than 30 years, Weihai fishing gear company "breeding" quickly, Wang Xiren image called "lay eggs" mode The "There is a demand for foreign markets, we have products to sell.Now 90% of the products are out of the country."

Wang Xiren said that after 2000, with the improvement of living standards, "the Chinese people are gradually keen on fishing this high consumption activities. Fishing activities is different from other sports, will not let you like the same as panting sweating , But catch the fish to make you have a different sense of accomplishment. "With the domestic fishing enthusiasts more and more waves Po fishing company plans to expand the domestic market, play their own brand Olympus, continuous research and development," with technology Make money ".

Weihai for the four major fishing gear production base -

In the early 80s of last century, Weihai fishing gear industry flourished, mainly dependent on the geographical advantage close to Japan. "Near the water tower first on the month", geographical advantage to promote the rapid formation of Weihai fishing gear scale.

80% of the world's fishing gear market products from China, of which 50% from Weihai. Weihai has become a recognized fishing gear industry manufacturing base and export base, the existing fishing gear production enterprises about 400, supporting about 600 enterprises, leading products fishing rod has more than 1,000 series, nearly 20,000 specifications.

Wang Xiren said that the country has four major fishing gear production base, namely Weihai, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Hebei. A city and a number of provinces PK, Weihai fishing gear industry can see the strength.

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