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Hold on! Aqua! Do not bow to the disaster! How did

Since June 29, there have been heavy rains in the south. As of July 4 at 9 o'clock statistics, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi and other 11 provinces 61 cities (autonomous prefectures) 285 counties (cities, districts) 1108.2 million people were affected, 56 people were killed and 22 missing. Crops affected area of 668.2 thousand hectares, of which 100.8 thousand hectares of harvest; 19,000 houses collapsed, 189,000 different degrees of damage; direct economic losses of 18.89 billion yuan

1, stores were flooded, fish ponds were destroyed

Guangdong Shunde Xingtan Hai Ling, the South China Sea Jiujiang, Xiqiao and other places have also been flooded in many areas, especially the external fish ponds.

Jiangmen flooded aquatic products distribution stores

Heavy rain brought the fish to the stress response, many cages appeared dead fish situation.

Pond in Hunan

2, after the disaster in time to adjust the mentality, to resume production

1) adjust the mentality

Disaster ruthless, people are affectionate. The ancients said: stay in the mountains without worry about no firewood. Although the flood washed away the fish ponds, resulting in farmers have lost. But we can not lose the reason for the loss of reason. In the face of the disaster, we first want to be calm and calm, do not panic. When the loss has been irreversible, we must first do is to adjust the mentality. According to a media reported a Lingling people flooded fish ponds were flooded, lost tens of thousands of dollars at home and by their loved ones, so angrily ran away from home, in the Xiaoxiang bridge jump river suicide. This suicide is extremely undesirable.

2) to resume production

1. timely maintenance facilities to ensure the normal production

Timely repair and maintenance of floods due to the impact of mechanical and electrical equipment, water culture facilities such as aerator, pumps, feeding machines, etc., should pay close attention to demolition, drying, washing, etc., in order to quickly return to normal production, to minimize disaster To the loss. In the protection of personnel under the premise of security, timely repair and reinforcement Tangkou dam, breeding pool ridge, into the drainage and other facilities to prevent leakage and collapse. Damage to the breeding facilities, and sometimes can not be repaired, to timely fishing, reduce losses.

2. Strengthen the water management, timely regulation of aquaculture water quality

After the typhoon to strengthen the oxygen, to prevent the rain after the aquatic animal pool water layer phenomenon, timely control of poor water quality. A large number of rainwater caused the pond water level is too high, while the deposition of rain caused by the formation of water in the pond water layer formation of convection, the impact of large aquaculture water, as soon as possible to drain the surface water, return to normal water level, May be appropriate to use water disinfectants (such as: chlorine dioxide), lime powder and other disinfectant water. Conditional place can be changed water, add new water, while reducing the amount of feeding, the appropriate application of microbial agents to regulate aquaculture water quality.

3. timely replenishment of seedlings, for disaster reduction is not cut

The pond, which can continue to carry out aquaculture production, can be reorganized and reorganized in time. According to the escape situation of breeding species, scientific evaluation should be carried out, the appropriate time should be selected, and the quantity should be selected reasonably. Seed quality should be strictly controlled, pay attention to prevent the purchase of seedlings, injury seedlings, fake seedlings, weak seedlings.

4. Strengthen the feeding and management

Feeding in the feed in the appropriate amount of immune polysaccharides, complex vitamins, minerals and active substances and other nutrients, enhance the resistance of aquatic animals, as well as oral garlic and other drugs to the necessary prevention and reduce the stress caused by economic losses The But also pay attention to continuous rainfall and flooding after the prone to deliquescence and mildew, feeding should be carefully checked before the quality of the deterioration of the feed is easy to cause disease, not feeding.

5. Do disaster prevention and monitoring work

Thorough cleaning and disinfection of the farms, and keeping the surrounding sanitation. Do a good job of harm the death of aquatic animals, the individual harmless treatment, timely salvage sick fish, dead fish, fish and aquaculture water in other debris, to take landfill, incineration and other harmless treatment measures. Timely disinfection of flooded fish and shrimp culture pond, reduce the pathogen breeding and spread. Once found a major aquatic animal outbreaks, immediately reported to the relevant departments.

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