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Shrimp industry in the first half Urgent: Guangdon

 In June, half of the year passed. For the shrimp farmers, this season is the spring shrimp harvest, by the high temperature and pre-sustained rain weather, which shrimp farming is not satisfactory, the spread of a wide range of diseases, small size shrimp filled the market, shrimp prices Since the beginning of the month began to decline, the current peak price of shrimp at least 5 yuan / kg earlier than the beginning of the month.

However, the prospects are still looking forward to. According to the previous report, the industry forecast, due to the first half of shrimp farming to reproduce large-scale disease tide, Chinese shrimp production or in the last year on the basis of further decline. The domestic shrimp consumer market demand is huge, the output supply is not on, they have a buyer to Thailand and other Southeast Asia, a large number of shrimp, especially in the first half of this year, or even "crazy" to describe this phenomenon. According to incomplete statistics, last year, China's shrimp supply and demand gap of about 30 million tons, and this figure is gradually becoming larger ... ...

Whether the farmers will still be actively "preparation" in the shrimp it? "Agricultural Po Code" reporter on the country's main producing areas of the breeding situation to sort out, the specific situation is as follows:

Guangdong: the success rate of only two percent of the Pearl River Delta, shrimp again encountered shrimp seedlings Jiangmen red body continues to rampant, the incidence rate reached Bacheng

Into June, Jiangmen shrimp farming situation did not improve last month, the reasons for the farmers have different opinions, but most people feel unstable weather conditions or aquaculture effect is not ideal one of the main reasons. The original for some time in May for the rain, has disrupted the breeding rhythm, and into June, the typhoon Miao Bo struck, although not to Jiangmen caused serious weather disasters, but also to Jiangmen brought a few days continuous rain The Changes in the weather so that the pond water quality fluctuations, not only before the phenomenon of pond red body continues to rampant, and put seedlings about 20 days of shrimp pond also part of the problem.

According to the local North agricultural clerk, the current incidence of shrimp in Jiangmen area up to Bacheng or so, in addition to red body, there are obvious phenomenon of pond. However, he also said that although the first half of this year, Jiangmen shrimp farming situation is not ideal, in the external factors of many unfavorable premise, there are still 1-2 percent of farmers with rich management experience to develop the shrimp, this part of the breeding Household shrimp specifications generally in 60 / kg or so. Although the specifications are not large, but the demand for shrimp in the consumer market is extremely tight, shrimp prices higher, the overall profit of farmers has not been much affected.

Zhongshan less than 100 pounds per mu, in the shrimp "curse of farmers do not dare to fill seedlings

Last month, the main shrimp in the shrimp of the main areas of shrimp stealing and other issues, the incidence of shrimp ponds up to 8 percent or more, and according to the local large North agricultural practitioners introduced to the late June disease scale increased, The form of farming is not optimistic. According to him, although in June the weather in Zhongshan than the previous stage has improved, but because of the spread of the phenomenon, even if the drug can not be relieved. "Farmers really no way, and now still alive little shrimp shrimp, had to pay 30-50 per mu density of grass carp, try polyculture can not solve the problem," not only farmers quite helpless, and he also That even if there are shrimp out of the pond, the incidence of these ponds may be 100 pounds per mu.

In addition, in general, shrimp is a year among the farmers to pay the lowest enthusiasm, farming the worst of a made, and this year seems to have "curse" in the shrimp in the Zhongshan area is deteriorating. It is understood that, because the shrimp breeding effect in May, the choice of shrimp continue to make seedlings of seedlings significantly reduced, and a few want to "bet" a farmer, choose to continue to put seedlings, but in the early breeding problems. In this situation, the first half of this year, the success rate of shrimp farming only 1-2 percent of the Zhongshan area, the future development of shrimp in the situation is more severe.

Zhuhai, more than 60% of the incidence of shrimp was forced to create a small seedling period is still no problem

After the north wind in late June, Zhuhai area ushered in a few days of fine weather, choose to continue to put seedlings of farmers to take advantage of this began to put seedlings, but before that, the area of shrimp farming in Zhuhai near the calendar year difference. According to the local shrimp enterprises market sales staff, in the early shrimp after shrimp, the company's business statistics, less than 3 percent of corporate earnings, shrimp pond incidence rate of more than 6 percent.

It is so, in the Zhuhai area on a shrimp appeared in the general situation is not only shrimp pond less, and the specifications are uneven. The reason is because farmers worry about the further spread of shrimp disease, which will lead to pond, whole shrimp army annihilated, so even in the shrimp specifications only 100-200 / tail, that hastily shrimp. However, according to reports, as shrimp prices this year than the past three years, shrimp prices in Zhuhai are better, so early to raise the shrimp farmers are basically profitable. It is understood that the shrimp in the shrimp, although the cast seedling rate has declined, but because of the seedling stage of shrimp has not yet obvious problems.

Zhanjiang breeding effect of two-stage differentiation, shrimp disease impact cast rate dropped by 70%

From the beginning of June to the end of the first period, Zhanjiang region, the first shrimp farming successful farmers ready to shrimp, good breeding shrimp specifications in the 30-40 per catty, slightly worse in the 60-70 / kg. Although the specifications are different, but according to the words of the local farmers, "the size does not matter, this year the breeding situation, as long as there are shrimp out, it is sure to make money." The main resistance to shrimp in the Zhanjiang area of the popular, so that the use of this type of shrimp farmers made no small success in the success of the shrimp farmers, the day and night shrimp farmers farmers at the end of June shrimp , 38 / kg specifications Tangtou price of 28 yuan / kg.

According to Zhanjiang takeoff Industrial Co., Ltd. Assistant Chairman Chen Pan introduced the first half of the customer feedback day and night shrimp seedlings grow well, no obvious disease occurs, generally about 100 days to 50, 60 days or so can grow to 40, The survival rate of 70% -90%, compared to other brands growing relatively stable seed. However, he also said that shrimp farming varies from place to place, subject to a number of factors, so the first half of this year Zhanjiang shrimp farming showed a polarization, including the emergence of the problem of shrimp pond disease in 6-7 into, and even the same The use of day and night shrimp seedlings, different regional effects are also different.

In fact, Zhanjiang this year, the first half of shrimp farming situation than last year did have a significant decline. Following the decline in the proportion of juvenile shrimp cast seedlings, farmers in previous years are very worried about the survival rate of seedlings in the shrimp, this year is encountered cast vaccine crisis. It is understood that, because of the fear of the incidence of shrimp, Zhanjiang this year, some areas in the shrimp shrimp yield or straight down 7 percent.

Hainan Wenchang: Vibriosis continued to spread, Miao field stage of pressure seedlings significantly

At present, the disease of shrimp farming in Wenchang area of Hainan is not improved as compared with the previous month. Since the beginning of the year, the problem of Vibrio Vibrio is still serious. According to the local salesman, the first shrimp of Wenchang The area is due to the incidence of shrimp caused by Vibrio. One reason is due to the unstable weather in the first half of Wenchang, especially since May to early June continued heavy rain. In addition, there are farmers that the breeding sector is a problem. As of the end of June, Wenchang area early shrimp farming basically ended, it is understood that the success rate of only 2% less.

As this year Wenchang area early shrimp farming effect fell a lot over the same period last year, so this year, shrimp farmers can not even put seedlings, sun pond has been in wait and see state, there are farmers that the risk of farming too much decision to temporarily rest. Farmers poured seedlings enthusiasm weakened, affected by the shrimp factory there will be a large number of pressure seedling, it is understood that this phenomenon than last year in the shrimp farming stage was a lot.

But this year the main resistance of the shrimp brand compared to the case, the seedling situation is much better, from the side can be seen strong resistance to strong shrimp seedlings in Wenchang area of the popular. According to Hainan Zhuohai sales staff, the company's new brand day and night shrimp seedlings have a good reputation of the farmers, compared with the traditional veteran shrimp is relatively stable, especially in the case of the proliferation of shrimp now, this performance is more Obviously, according to his understanding of the use of day and night shrimp seedlings of farmers early shrimp 90 days shrimp specifications to 28 / kg, 70 days to 30 / kg

Fujian Longhai: rain and rain to pay the disease repeatedly, shrimp prices to stimulate the cost of raising seedlings Fang Miao

Although the weather in recent years in Fujian Longhai area has improved compared with May, the rainy weather has decreased significantly, but the incidence of shrimp is still high from rainy to fine. Continuous rain after sunny, the pond water quality has changed significantly, the temperature rise, algae phase change, a large number of pathogenic bacteria breeding, which led to shrimp disease repeatedly.

According to Shun source of aquaculture business personnel, early shrimp, after shrimp, there are farmers feedback this year, the incidence of shrimp shrimp in more than 7 percent. And the current part of the farmers have just started to put seedlings, breeding situation is also not optimistic, put seedlings earlier in about 30 days of shrimp ponds, the incidence rate of more than 9 percent, mainly for enteritis, jejunum empty stomach, but the incidence range is small, Only a few farmers re-fill seedlings. Another vaccine is only about 10 days of shrimp pond, is still in the seedling stage, gains stable.

"Longhai success rate this year, a lot worse than last year, to develop the specifications of the shrimp in general, the average is only 40 / kg or so," Shun source of aquaculture business staff said, but because of this year's shrimp prices appear in recent years, high prices, price factors Of the stimulus, making the farmers are still willing to put seedlings. However, it is understood that most farmers believe that the risk is still large, in order to reduce costs, and in the seed selection on the use of relatively low prices of the brand.

Guangxi Beihai: early shrimp success rate of about one percent, in the medium-made seedlings 30 days to repeat the same mistakes

In the Beihai area this year, shrimp farming can be described as suffering from heavy pasture in the past year after shrimp farming high success rate, compared to this year's early shrimp farming situation is particularly bad, according to the local large North agricultural staff, After the success of the farmers to develop money only 1 percent or so. The success rate is low on the one hand, on the other hand, this year's early shrimp to develop the specifications are generally small, 40 / kg specifications of the small, 60-70 / kg specifications of the majority. There are farmers that the weather, the environment, seed, water quality of many factors, the rate of early shrimp cultivation have caused an impact.

At present, early shrimp farming has ended, and in mid-June, shrimp shoots are started in succession. However, nearly one month has been the result of the growth of shrimp. It is understood that there are juvenile shrimp shoot seedlings earlier farmers put seedlings about 30 days, the phenomenon of white will appear on the shrimp. The weather is an important cause of this phenomenon, the North Sea in June for several days after the rain, and then turned to fine, clear water changes between the ups and downs. Due to see some people in the shrimp start unfavorable, many farmers decided to temporarily cast seedlings, when the seedlings are still planned. "This year the North Sea shrimp farming suffered an unprecedented difficulty," Big North agricultural staff think so.

Jiangsu Rudong: straight hair seedling disease spread, "problem shrimp" focus on the market washed the shrimp price

In the boiler seedlings after a shrimp, the East area of the small shed shrimp into the straight seedling stage. But in the last month, "Agricultural Science and Technology Book" reporter learned that the East area straight seedling seedlings appeared after the phenomenon, since June part of the straight seedling and disease, food is not active, slow speed, but also a small amount of stealing Death occurred, and the scope of the expansion of the trend, there are farmers to take dead shrimp for testing, found that there are infected shrimp mushrooms. Industry insiders suggest that the shrimp should be the main mode of prevention, usually more observation, take preventive measures.

And because of fear of further development of shrimp will lead to large-scale dead shrimp, many farmers decided to advance the shrimp, so the so-called "problem shrimp" large-scale market will cause a great impact on the market. According to Rudong County South American White Shrimp Association, the current history of the shrimp market, such as the real sharp decline in prices, to June 20 offer, for example, 30 / kg specifications 21-22 yuan / kg, 40 / kg specifications 18 -19 yuan / kg, 50 / kg specifications for the 16-17 yuan / kg, 60 / kg specifications for the 14-15 yuan / kg, for the period of shrimp prices over the years low.

It is also worth mentioning that, although the boiler seedlings have been shrimp, but the "shed + boiler" of this farming model in the East continued warming. According to the association, recently in the East Township, Changsha Township, there are farmers in large-scale new digging greenhouses. But the Association reminded farmers to raise shrimp risk, not blind development, to rational thinking, unlimited expansion of the scale, will be worth the candle. However, now is not only the locals, more and more outsiders to join the "shed + boiler" shrimp team, can be expected in the second half of this year will arouse a new wave of climax.

Zhejiang Xiaoshan: greenhouse shrimp in advance of the shrimp, pond shrimp three into the red body

As of the end of June, Zhejiang Xiaoshan shed shrimp basically finished, which is ahead of the same period in advance, the local farmers said that this is because of fear of further increase the incidence of shrimp, the yield caused a more serious blow. According to the "Agricultural Book" reporter in May survey, Xiaoshan area this year, the success rate of shrimp farming is only about 30%, and the current feedback situation of farmers, the shrimp after the overall results of the breeding should be as expected.

As the farmers out of the shrimp, the Xiaoshan area Tangtou shrimp specifications vary, from 70 / kg to 200 / kg have shrimp acquisition, and the need for auction, but still in short supply, Xiaoshan area of the price according to the previous year Compared with a significant increase over the same period. According to reports, shrimp shrimp in the shrimp, the farmers will be the greenhouse film removed, clear pond finishing, which began the next shrimp farming.

Outside the pond farming model, due to the constraints of farming mode, the pond out of the shrimp to the middle of July, according to the local farmers introduced, the current pond shrimp specifications generally in the 100 / kg or so, after half a month should be able to grow to at least 60 / jin, thus out of the pond. Although this year's pond farming mode of farming effect is much better than the shrimp shrimp, but it is understood that this year there are still about 3% of the outer shrimp red body, jejunum empty feed phenomenon.

In addition, the outer pond shrimp, macaques polyculture model in Xiaoshan area increasingly received sought after. Because of its excellent breeding effect, to avoid the risk of a single cultured white shrimp, the industry believes that the future of this model of farming scale will be further expanded in Xiaoshan.

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