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What is nylon monofilament? Properties of nylon mo

What is nylon monofilament? Nylon monofilament is synthetic filament with adipic acid and hexanediamine or caprolactam by polycondensation and melt spinning and the formation of reflection.

Properties of nylon monofilament:
Nylon monofilament with high strength, good elasticity, heat resistance, light fastness. Nylon monofilament diameter 0.1~2mm, diameter, programmable performance is poor, can only be used as a fishing line, strings, ropes, tennis racket material; small diameter, can be used for weaving the length of women's socks, pantyhose, scarf, filter, screen, stage curtain; moderate diameter, can be used for weaving separation row sweater strip or socks in the separation of yarn. As a woven or knitted material, nylon filament is widely used. But because the nylon filament light, light performance is poor, so it should not be used in conditions of sunlight materials.

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